Professional Cleaning Services in Penrith

Are you in need of a relaible cleaner to keep your work space tidy and professional? Do you have a holiday home, you don't have time to clean? Call us today at Chris Edmondson Cleaning, we will get the job done right.

Completely Committed To Cleaning!

Do you vacuum you carpet regularly? Surprisingly this will not clean your carpet properly, this will only pick up surface dirt and debris. Do you have that stain that isn’t quite shifting? Well Chris Edmondson Cleaning is on hand to provide the cleaning services you are not. We will make quick work of worn in dirt and get your living or work space clean and fresh with the new smell you loved so much when you first moved in. Call us today for more information on the special techniques we can perform that will make quick work of the things you may have been struggling to get rid of.

For Carpet Cleaning and Office Cleaning That Will Restore Your Rooms Freshness Send Us a Message


As well as our domestic cleaning services, we have exceptional office and contract cleaning services; such as shops, pubs, businesses and much more.

If you have any additional commercial cleaning needs, feel free to get in contact and let us know, we will be happy to help get your work space fresh and tidy for clients or to simply provide a better working environment.


Say goodbye to odours, stains, dirt and markings with our complete carpet cleaning service that will have the neighbours thinking you have a new carpet.

Office carpets are often over looked and have 100’s of passing staff members a day, this can grind in dirt from all manner of places and place it all over your beautiful office carpet, one professional carpet clean from Chris Edmondson Cleaning and you will be back to the day you moved into the office; allowing a more professional and fresh space to work.


We provide a reliable and expert level of cleaning service for you and your space from; home office, caravan or even a vehicle.

So whether you need a helping hand getting your living space back to its original look and smell after years of worn in dirt or you are looking to restore your home after a memorable party, call for a free quote! 07760 443 723 or visit our page to get in touch.